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Colas Rail is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of railway infrastructure services, constructing and renewing all forms of railways across Europe and the UK. Rail infrastructure comprises the complex system of tracks, bridges and equipment the UK relies on to facilitate rail travel. The rail infrastructure requires regular maintenance, innovation and technological advancement to create a railway fit for the future.
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“The satisfaction that you get from completing a job and seeing what you have achieved is an astonishing feeling, and you’re always working on new sites. One day you might be working on your local station, the next you might be working on a swing bridge, this job is unique and different from anything that I’ve ever done.”

Ventantas | Apprentice Track in Infrastructure

“I’m a Rail Engineering Technician Apprentice and my journey with Colas Rail UK has been marvellous. There is a lot of opportunity for us young people in railway. I chose to start an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn and gain experience at the same time in a working environment. I have enjoyed everyday as I’m learning and getting involved in projects.”

Taku | Apprentice Track in Infrastructure

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Colas Rail


Colas Rail is a leading provider of rail infrastructure services both nationally and globally from simple projects through to highly complex schemes.


Colas Rail are 100% rail focused


They are committed to promoting innovation and sustainability to continue developing sites of the future.


Colas Rail are currently delivering the £1.3bn Midland Metro Alliance contract in Birmingham


Recent contract wins include: Rail Systems Alliance in the South of England worth an estimated £1.5bn (Track work) and Signalling and Telecoms (S&T) frameworks for the western region, worth an estimated £75M. Additionally, they have won a Rail Haulage and seasonal service contract worth an estimated £12m per year.

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